Summary JPP 2010
The Japan Photo Project took place in Japan during the whole 2010. For 365 days Tina Bagué and Toru Morimoto traveled all over the country with a camping car documenting Japan with their cameras. After 41.995 km and about 60.000 pictures, a book has been published. for more information visit www.japanphotoproject.com.
Expo Nippon TPS
"Nippon" is a photo exhibition produced by The Japan Photo Project team, Tina Bagué and Toru Morimoto, both professional photographers. After traveling all over Japan for one year and publishing a photo book called "Japan/日本", the first exhibition of the JPP took place in Tokyo in october 2011 and the second one took place in Barcelona, in The Privater Space Gallery in November 2011. Hopefully, during 2012 the exhibition will tour around Spain and Europe. If you have any questions please write to info@japanphotoproject.com.